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About This Course:
This course discusses several aspects of Effective Communication. The areas that will be covered in this course are:

~Effective Communication
~Results of Ineffective Communication
~Fundamental Communication Skills
~Communication Styles
~Tips for a Successful Doctor's Visit
~Preparing for the Appointment's 
~Steps to Productive Health Care Meetings/Appointments
~Health Observations 
~Things to Remember
~During and After the Appointment
~Good Questions About Medications
~Psychiatric Appointments
~Psychiatric Medications
~Medical Forms

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After completing this course, learners will successfully be able to:

1. explain the four steps to productive health care meetings.
2. discuss the importance of knowing the individual's baseline and reporting any changes in their health and behaviors.
3. review effective communication skills.

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There are several informative websites that you might find to be useful resources on "Effective Communication Skills with the Health Care Provider". These links can be found by clicking on the "External Links" button located on the left side button bar.

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