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About This Course:
This course discusses several aspects of caregiver stress. The areas that will be covered in this course are:

~What is a Caregiver?
~Being a Caregiver
~Informal Caregivers
~Importance of the Caregiver
~Cognitive Impairment
~Challenging Behaviors
~Caregiver Stress
~What is Caregiver Stress?
~Do all Caregivers Experience Stress?
~Caregiver Stress Can Affect Your Health
~Too Stressed?
~What’s the Difference Between Burnout and Stress?
~Difference Between Burnout and Stress
~”Three R” Approach
~Signs of Stress
~Take Care of Yourself
~Healthy Tips for Caregivers
~Lifestyle Management




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After completing this course, learners will successfully be able to:

1. define caregiver stress.

2. discuss how stress can affect a caregiver’s health.

3. identify ways to prevent caregiver stress.







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There are several informative websites that you might find to be useful resources on caregiver stress. These links can be found by clicking on the "External Links" button located on the left side button bar.